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The Death Pool

The Death Pool The current contest started in October 2007, and will end at midnight on September 25, 2008. Death pool Psychics will gather on the weekend of the 26th to decide the fate of your favorite celebrities. Sir Bird has been inundated with bribes, begging him to add ailing relatives to his list, in hopes it will put off a visit from the grim reaper. A friend of Estelle Getty's check bounced. Let that be a lesson to others.

A prize is awarded to first death. Following notification of death contestants have 24 hours to determine whether one of their picks has in fact died earlier. Another prize is awarded to most deaths at the end of the time period.

Prizes are crabs for geezers and CDs for the five special younger picks. A link to information concerning each mortal listed below has kindly been provided by Screamingecko, so if you don't recall the name of the actor who played Sam the Butcher on the Brady Bunch, than perhaps you should start checking links.


participant treated to crabs
participant treated to cds
individual has passed on

FY07 Contest

Joey Bishop was the first to go, giving Carc Bird the first of the two prizes.

Dead or Alive Web site

Carc Bird Bird Big Bird Red Bird
50 Cent
Bishop, Joey
Borgnine, Ernest
Brown, Bobby
Clark, Dick
Davis, Ann B.
de Havilland, Olivia
Feller, Bob
Graham, Billy
Horne, Lena
Johnson, Van
Linkletter, Art
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Malden, Karl
Mandella, Nelson
McKay, Jim
Miller, Mitch
Morgan, Harry
Richie, Nicole
Ripa, Kelly
Wallace, Mike
Wallach, Eli
Widmark, Richard
Wooden, John
Bacall, Lauren
Billingsley, Barbara
Byrd, Robert C.
Castro, Fidel
Cronkite, Walter
Douglas, Kirk
Ford, Betty
Gabor, Zsa Zsa
Getty, Estelle
Gordon, Jeff
Hagman, Larry
Hemsley, Sherman
Holliman, Earl
Houston, Whitney
Kim, Lil'
Lasorda, Tommy
Lewis, Jerry
Lockhart, June
Molinaro, Al
Rooney, Mickey
Shriver, Eunice
Spears, Brittany
Storch, Larry
Thatcher, Margaret
Vick, Michael
Benjamin, Richard
Berry, Chuck
Brimley, Wilford
Collins, Joan
Dailey, Bill
Diller, Phyllis
Hawking, Stephen
Heston, Charlton
Kissinger, Henry
Knievel, Evel
Knieval, Robbie
Knoxville, Johnny
LaLanne, Jack
Lohan, Lindsey
MacGowan, Shane
McMahon, Ed
Melvin, Allan
Montalban, Ricardo
Morgan, Jaye P.
Poitier, Sidney
Reagan, Nancy
Shankar, Ravi
Taylor, Liz
Vigoda, Abe
Whelchel, Lisa
Adams, Richard
Ali, Muhammad
Bradbury, Ray
Clark, Arthur C.
Colbert, Stephen
Ellison, Harlan
Grier, Rosie
Kerkorian, Kirk
Kalashnikov, Mikhail
Lemon, Meadowlark
Mailer, Norman
Marriner, Sir Neville
McGregor, Ewan
Mondavi, Robert
Obama, Barrack
Pohl, Frederic
Rodriguez, Chi Chi
Sackhoff, Katee
Salinger, J.D.
Schaefer, Willy Don
Scully, Vin
Stewart, Jon
Waters, John
Zimblist, Efferam Jr.
Zimmer, Don

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